Harvey Remains

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The storm may officially be gone but the damage and memories of Hurricane Harvey will stick with us for a while. Some memories we may want to retain and some maybe not so much. My family and I were very blessed to make it through the storm relatively unscathed. We chose to use this blessing to help others in their time of need. I will admit that I was scared and nervous multiple times throughout the storm while running rescues with my brother, Brandon Jaynes, and girlfriend, Brittany Dorsey however I know we would do it all over again without hesitation.

The memories I would like to retain are from witnessing the outpouring of love and support from not only within the community but from those that came from far and wide to assist in rescue efforts and are now assisting with recovery. Volunteers as well as different government and law enforcement agencies came from as far away as Maryland and Florida. Please know that you are all greatly appreciated. I’m proud to call many of those volunteers and LEO’s friends. One specifically that helped me out several times with both assistance and information is Eric Ellison. He is a LEO in Bridge City and also a local fishing guide.

Another friend of mine who is a local business owner that helped the area tremendously is Daniel Metreyeon. His family and he are no strangers to helping others in the area and during and after Harvey has been no different. They helped personally as well as making sure they kept their store open so others had access to some very hard to find items. In fact, the only day they shut it down was on Wednesday. County Home and Outdoors remained available for people to acquire generators, pressure washers, chainsaws, cat and dog food and other items that were practically unavailable for a while in our area but necessary for survival and recovery.

My favorite part of County Home and Outdoors is their exceptional fishing department. They are very competitive in pricing with the big “box stores” and in my opinion are stocked much better. That most likely has to do with the fact that Daniel is an avid angler. Their saltwater and freshwater fishing departments are both very well stocked with the tackle that we need.

They carry brands such as Egret, LEWS, Gulp!, Heddon, Down South Lures and Chicken Boy Lures. They have the largest selection of Heddon Swim’n Images that I have ever seen! For the freshwater enthusiast County Home and Outdoors has you covered as well, including a 40’ long aisle of ZOOM!

I have not been fishing since Harvey devastated our area with a massive amount of rainfall. We have transitioned from rescuing people via boat and truck to assisting with the demolition of homes. I hope to be on the water soon however I just cannot justify going fishing at this time when so many people still need help. God Bless everyone that has been affected by this natural disaster.

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