Seeing Red

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I have been nothing short of delighted with how quickly Sabine has bounced back since Harvey. Our water clarity is on the verge of “too clear” in many areas and salinity has substantially improved. My very first day back fishing since the storm was some of the best trout fishing I had seen in years. […]

Harvey Remains

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The storm may officially be gone but the damage and memories of Hurricane Harvey will stick with us for a while. Some memories we may want to retain and some maybe not so much. My family and I were very blessed to make it through the storm relatively unscathed. We chose to use this blessing […]

Catching in the Rain

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I had the pleasure of fishing with one of my best friends Craig Rader and his father-in-law, Chuck, last weekend. The morning started off rather unique as Craig, who is normally very punctual, slept straight through his alarm. I would accept part of the blame for that since he was enjoying a few adult beverages […]

Spring Brings New Opportunities

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“You see him?! See him?!?” I cannot help but get overly excited when sight fishing in the marsh. It is even more gratifying spreading my addiction to those that have never experienced it. For those of you that don’t know what sight fishing is, it is literally canvasing water that is clear enough to actually […]